Dyneema Racing 10mm
D2 is a highly versatile Dyneema SK75 line suitable for halyards, sheets and control lines. Ideal for racing, it is equally suitable for cruising allowing reduced diameter lines for easier and lighter rope handling. Dyneema SK75, size for size, is the lightest technical fiber in production and stripping the cover allows further weight reductions by 65% while retaining strength, stretch and wear characteristics. Tapering the cover on spinnaker sheets for example, means less weight at the clew to let the spinnaker fly higher. However, the cover needs to be retained for handling around winches. The inner core is coated with polyurethane to improve adhesion between core and cover giving outstanding performance in clutches and jammers and improving abrasion resistance when uncovered. Features Lightweight, high strength, UV stable Smoother profile cover to reduce wear on rope and blocks Less friction gives faster running and quicker boat maneuvers Lightest technical fiber, cover can be stripped Dyneema SK75 polyurethane coated inner core All cores come Marlow Pre-stretched for added strength Suitable for racing and cruising