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Product Code FLBORDER
Product Name The Border Line - Softback
Product Description THE BORDER LINE By Eric Robson

Ever since the Roman emperor Hadrian built the first frontier in AD 120, the border area between England and Scotland has been a highly disputed territory, its history characterized by raids, uneasy treaties and a distinctive culture, neither wholly English nor wholly Scottish.

The broadcaster Eric Robson walks the modern border line, starting at the Solway Firth and covering more than a hundred miles to Berwick on Tweed, describing points of interest along the way, recounting episodes from the region’s colourful history, describing some of his adventures, discoursing on the unique character of the landscape and the people and reminiscing about his life in broadcasting.

In 2004, his walks in the Borders with Alistair Moffat were captured in the ITV series “Walking the Line”. This rich compendium of history and anecdote will appeal to anyone with an interest in this little-known part of Britain.

Softback. 256 pages.