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THE BORDERS - A History of the Borders from Earliest Times

It\'s a land of river and mountain, of brutal fortresses and stately abbeys, of pele towers and ballads or passion, of border reivers and bloodshed.

For four hundred generations it\'s been home to a proud and independent people. They call themselves not English, nor Scots but Borderers who\'ve set their stamp on the history not only of these islands but of countries as far afield as America and Australia, Hong Kong and India.

- It was the longest serving battlefield in Britain: a place where barbarity and romance moulded a sturdy resilience. Despite the best efforts of kings and generals to obliterate them down the centuries the same border families are still holding on in the same place where they took up arms in the Sixteenth Century.

Alistair Moffat takes us on a journey through 8,000 turbulent years into the crucible where the United Kingdom was forged.


DEBATEABLE LANDS - In Search of the Border Reivers in the company of George MacDonald Fraser and Eric Robson

A journey through the turbulent 16th century borderlands of England and Scotland. It was said of the Border Reivers that \"if Jesus Christ were amongst them, they would deceave him\". They were murderers, arsonists, kidnappers and protection racketeers. They added words such as \"blackmail\" and \"bereaved\" to the language. In a fashion they were also honourable men.

- Armstrong, Elliot, Scott, Maxwell, Johnstone, Croser, Douglas, Crichton, Bell, Irving, Carruthers, Graham, Storey, Musgrave, Little, Hetherington, Charlton Nixon, Hume, Millburn, Ridley, Dacre, Oliver, Henderson, Kerr, Forster, Robinson, Turnbull, Beattie, Routledge, Carleton, Fenwick, Heron, Tait, Young, Grey, Hall, Collingwood, Noble, Yarrow, Laidlaw, Rutherford, Potts. These were among the most notorious Riding Surnames. If your name is on the list you may be closer to the Reivers than you realise.

Total running time 220 mins approximately.
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