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The Long Hope DVD
The Long Hope is the story of Britainís hardest sea cliff route, The Long Hope Route, on St. Johnís Head, Hoy. This particular story has three parts, starting with Ed Drummond and Oliver Hillís first ascent of the route in 1970, followed by John Arran and Dave Turnbullís ascent of the route (with a small variation) in 1997 and culminating in the first full free ascent of the direct line by Dave MacLeod in 2011.

YouTubeview clip††† †† more
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Century on the Crags - DVD
A celebration of rock climbing in the Lake District, featuring stunning sequences of contemporary climbers tackling the great breakthrough climbs as well as historic footage and archive photographs.

DVD running time 70 mins approx. more
inc VAT

Lakeland Rock - DVD
Sir Chris Bonington's 1985 classic Channel 4 series featuring milestone climbs in Lakeland re-created by the climbers who made them famous - Don Whillans, Bill Peascod and Pete Livesey. The film also looks at women in climbing and captures the first ascent of Incantations E6 6b by Pete Whillance and Dave Armstrong.

DVD running time 98 mins approx. more
inc VAT

Triple Five - DVD
Dave MacLeod and Tim Emmett take on the challenge of the Triple Five - five extreme rock climbs on five Hebridean Islands on five consecutive days. A Directorís cut double-DVD.

DVD running time 210 mins approx. more
inc VAT

The Pinnacle DVD
In one legendary week on Ben Nevis in 1960 Jimmy Marshall and Robin Smith climbed six first winter ascents on consecutive days, including the mini Alpine-route, Orion Face Direct. They also made the first one-day winter ascent of Point Five Gully, went for a long walk and got arrested over an incident with some dominoes! Exactly 50 years later Dave MacLeod and Andy Turner pay tribute to Smith and Marshall by setting out to repeat all the routes that were climbed in that famous week. This film tells the story of the original events and follows MacLeod and Turner as they discover exactly what an achievement it was.

Eric Robson writes: ďMany climbing DVDs are collections of impenetrable jargon aimed at hairy-brained aficionados who get some masochistic pleasure from dangling by a twangling ligament. This is not. It tells a thrilling tale and illustrates it with winter climbing footage that will have you scrabbling for a handhold on the edge of your chair. Rope yourself on before you press play.Ē

Total DVD running time 180 mins approx. more
inc VAT

Distilled - Scottish Winter Climbing with Andy Cave
Scotland in winter is an arena where mountaineers pit their skills against exacting climbs often in ferocious conditions. It is respected by climbers around the world. Distilled examines what makes the climbing here so potent.

DVD running time 50 mins approx. more
inc VAT

Extraordinary Climbs with Dave MacLeod
Featuring The First Great Climb, the story of the first ascent of the Great Stack of Handa and Climbing - No Limits, two innovative first ascents, one deep underground in Yorkshire's Jingling Pot and the other on the huge entrance to Peak Cavern in Derbyshire. Both programmes were originally broadcast on BBC Scotland.

DOUBLE DVD running time 120 mins approx. more
inc VAT

To Hell and Back DVD
Dave MacLeod is one of the most outstanding climbers of his generation. He is a superb athlete who constantly pushes the limits but in August 2007 he almost pushed them too far when attempting a new extreme mountain route in the heart of the Cairngorms.

DVD running time 75 mins approx. more
inc VAT

The Great Climb DVD
Itís been billed as Ďa once in a generation eventí and Ďthe best climbing film ever madeí. On Britainís biggest overhanging face on Sron Uladail in Harris Dave Macleod and Tim Emmett attempted a fearsome new route in the most difficult of conditions.

DVD running time 300 mins approx. more
inc VAT
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