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fire 1.0
fire eater
fire eater 1.0 meter long The tube should be placed in the fuselage, not next to the motor or exhaust pipe, as a temperature of around 100`c will cause it to activate. The tube can be attached using tie wraps, servo tape or epoxy, whichever is convenient, but NOT HOT MELT ADHESIVE. It should be placed high in the top of the fuselage. The systems works by inerting the air in the fuselage. The 1 metre folded tube will protect a fuselage with a volume of approx. 60 litres, and a O.5 metre will protect a fuselage with a volume of approx. 30 litres. If the aircraft has large air intakes, it may be adviable to go to the 1 metre folded tube, which will inert approx. 60 litres, because of the losses through the air intakes etc and the airflow
Price £ 40.80
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