Step By Step Guide To Selling Online for Small Businesses

  BazaarBuilder Web Site Integration Tool (Web Builder)

BazaarBuilder is designed for seamless integration into any website design with powerful features for web designers and the online business manager. WebBuilder is a collection of tools to build the front-end client facing product display pages for a website.

WebBuilder makes two separate methods available to the web designer. Both methods give seamless integration of the shopping cart software with the rest of the website.

Method 1 : Button Builder. This is a simple and very popular technique to sell products online. The ButtonBuilder will provide simple code which can then be placed next to the product being displayed on the website. This would create a button at that position, which when pressed, will place that particular product into the customer's shopping cart from where the customer can make payment and purchase the product online.

Method 2: Template Builder is a much more powerful technique and allows larger numbers of products to be offered online with greater ease. Once set-up by the web designer, it allows the merchant to add, remove or modify the online catalogue without requiring any expertise in web design.

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