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rbs Worldpay is one of the well known online payment processing companies that can be used by ecommerce websites to accept online payments with credit cards. The integration of Worldpay Select Junior ( WorldDirect / Select Junior ) with BazaarBuilder eCommerce Software can be made within a matter of minutes, simply by entering your Worldpay account details into a simple form.

To use Worldpay's Worlddirect Program you would need to make a simple application and Worldpay will arrange for your account to be set up.This involves a credit check being carried out by Worldpay. They would also seek reference from your bank. Normally the account can be setup within a week. Often new businesses without a trading history will normally face difficulty in getting a merchant account from their own bank are accepted for this package.

For further information about setting up an account with Worldpay please refer to rbs Worldpay website at If you'd like any help on setting up Worldpay with BazaarBuilder please call us on 024 76 675 112 and we will help with the process as much as possible.

Online Processing Costs from Worldpay are currently on annual subscription fee (£ 160) plus a percentage of each transaction as fee. For credit cards it is 4.5% and a fixed 50P per transaction for debit cards. An initial setup fee of £ 100 is also applicable.

The Following information is from Worldpay website:

rbs WorldPay offer an Internet Merchant Account and payment processing service in one package: Worldpay's WorldDirect service. The combination of an IMA and multi-currency payment processing is not easy to find. WorldDirect can save you time and effort, by providing the complete internet payment solution through one service provider.

This solution is perfect for small and start-up businesses that may struggle to obtain an Internet Merhant Account from their bank, and for businesses wanting to accept multi-currency payments.

rbs Worldpay Features

  • Payments are processed through Worldpay's secure payment processing system service
  • Processes a wide range of credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Switch, American Express, JCB, Diners, Laser and Electron
  • Processes Lastschriften (ELV), the cardless payment method popular in several European countries
  • Secure trading with advanced anti-fraud technologies
  • Online management facilities to manage payment transactions and customise the service
  • Deferred processing: payments can be processed immediately (automatically routed to the appropriate bank for authorisation) or deferred (you review your customers' orders and payment details before they are processed)
  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Support 24 hours a day, seven days a week
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